About Us

Who is "Us"?

We are strong, we are intelligent. We are everyone...THIS IS FOR ALL OF "US"..I wanted to create a Seasonal Subscription Box that was a little more personal; a unique box custom tailored to whatever phase in life or maturity you are in or just feel you are in! From newborn-100 years old. Our boxes will include a variety of items specially chosen to the age range you choose. If you're 18 you may not need yet another wrinkle cream in your box. But if you're like me, I want all I can get and a botox coupon wouldn't be so bad either!I also wanted the Subscription to be budget friendly. So I created three levels of cost for our seasonal boxes. Lastly, I made a promise to donate to various organizations such as to combat domestic violence and abuse, homelessness, addiction and to help veterans and those with mental health issues. Yearly we will donate at least 5% of our proceeds to an organization that all of "us" vote on(members will receive a poll).
We are just starting out but we hope you will be with us on the journey.
This one's for all of "us"!